I came back from tracking a few hours ago. Today was Justin’s day, the day we were supposed to be all finished. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re done yet. A lot of the tracks just seem like they’re missing something, some kind of center that holds it all together. We were supposed to basically recording essentially our live arrangements, but as we got into it, we started experimenting here and there, and I think we drifted a bit into some more creative territory, which is fine, except that I’m not sure we have the time to do all of this and still get everything wrapped up in time.

I think we need to track some really stripped down, simple guitars just to give the tracks something to hang around.

Maybe all of this is normal. I’m not sure. I think at some point your mind definitely begins to play tricks on you and you start to second guess the way things sound.


At 2:58 PM , Blogger Grace, Every Day said...

i hope you keep this up. i miss reading your writing.


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