"We all run away, just don't forget to come back."

An acquaintenance of mine put this up on his MySpace page, after I'd mentioned it to him in an e-mail exchange. He was a guy I'd known in a previous ministry, and he'd really sort of "stepped off the path" since then. It was a simple phrase, but it was something he seized on, and hopefully he's on his way back to his Father now.

Be careful of what words we throw out, they can be life for folks...



At 10:38 PM , Blogger beth said...

your first and lastlines here would be a great lyric....

At 2:37 PM , Blogger PJY in Paris said...

I was researching about peanut and your blog came to me. Then I found out not only we are in the same blog site but we were born in the same year and same month.

So I read on. Then I was attacked by this feeling that it was me who wrote all those words, other than the names I'm not familiar with.

I guess I should at least let you know. The world is strange anyway.

I'm June. Living in Paris. My blog (haven't been writing much): etre in Paris.



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