I believe in something called “transcendence”. I believe that the eternal is out there, desperately trying to get our attention as we go about our busy lives, trying to get us to pause long enough to appreciate moments of great beauty. Most of the time we’re too busy walking with our heads down and our eyes focused on the road right in front of us, but if we slow down long enough, we may be apprehended by the eternal and blessed by the life we are experiencing.

I had such a moment tonight. On my way home from a gig… standing on the El platform at Belmont, just reading. Dozens of people around: some touristy family, some people out partying, and a bunch of Hispanic men and women on their way home from work. I’m reading a book, listening to Spooky Ghost. As “A New Promise” begins, I pause, and I look at the light snow that’s beginning to fall. God, it’s a beautiful moment, pregnant with possibilities and beauty. A. Perfect. Freakin. Moment. Transcendance. How I wish that I could write the words that would more adequately convey what I was experiencing in those few minutes, but words fail.

The drunk guy and his girl who was trying to steady him on the platform, the hipsters around me, all seem to be in perfect alignment with the song and weather. The orange street lights, the haze and mist. I’m standing there with a stupid grin on my face.

Who would ever want to leave here?

“I guess I’ll see you after…”

Yes, I believe in transcendence.


At 10:07 PM , Blogger beth said...

very cool...i could see it...


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