Studio Blog – Guitars, Day 1

We were supposed to begin tracking guitars today, beginning with Justin’s parts. Maida Vale guitars are going to be the biggest mountain for us to climb, since they provide most of the hooks and melodic/harmonic content in the band.

This was meant to be exciting, because we are doing a lot of this record ourselves—on our laptops, in our houses. So we had a spot all set up for doing the electrics, along with five of our collective amps, all our pedals and guitars. We wanted to establish some options for each other. We were going to do Justin first, because he had to fly out of town the next morning for the whole week. This was the one day we had to get all of this stuff done, which is plenty, considering he plays banjo and lap steel as well. Lots of things to do.

Then he got sick.

Some kind of flu virus just took him out, and we effectively lost a day. We’ll have to rethink the remaining schedule, and adjust on the fly in order to get this thing done by April or May. Stratton has us on a tight schedule…



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