This resonated with me...

"We got our recent custom of using individual glasses at Communion from Scotch (sic) Presbyterians and others who, in order to recover the meal at the Lord's Supper, gave a communicant a glass of wine and a small bun, seated the congregations at tables, and had a meal which looked and tasted like a meal. The custom of using individual pressed white tasteless wafers is an extension of medieval preoccupations with the bread as a holy, untouched, spotless portion of Christ's body. Over the years both the glasses and the wafers got smaller until the church seemed to have a make-belief meal without food...

I finally said, 'enough is enough; a couple of years ago when I read of a man in the West, who, believing that the Lord's Supper is time consuming and cumbersome because of the individual cups involved, has begun marketing a product for those in a hurry. He produces airtight packets which contain a crackerlike pellet in once compartment and two grams of grape juice in another compartment -- a disposable, self-contained, eat-on-the-run Lord's Supper -- sort of "This my body packaged for you." There you have it. The last hindrance to totally self-contained, self-centered religion is removed.... Now thanks to this unit packaging, we need never come into contact with or be touched by another human being again. Just when you thought modern life had depersonalized the gospel to the uttermost, we have another breakthrough--Communion without communion!" Bishop Bill Willimon, in Making a Meal of It: Rethinking the Theology of the Lord's Supper, by Ben Witherington

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