Excerpted from Rock On, by Dan Kennedy .... Read it, and then substitute all the rock references with church, lead pastor, and worship lead/band references...

"Okay, look up at the huge screen at the end of the conference room. A ten-years-too-late Eddie Vedder look-alike stealing Jim Morrison's moves. And a bassist and guitarist who move in a way that seems to be saying, 'Yes, you learned lead singer moves in our local college's night class on how to be a rock star, but never forget that while you were doing that, we were studying how to posture ourselves properly as well, and we have jst as important a role as you. See we indicate that we're passionate about the guitar playing in the band.' There's daning, pouting, and these bored and angry mood swings that seem to say, ' We're angry. No, we're sexy. No, we're bored. Wait, we're angry again. How now we're longing! We are, in face, feeling everything you could posssibly want us to feel -- But no matter what we're feeling, we're rocking.'

I have a hunch that everyone here knows that this band's biggest problem is that they're not so much authentic as they're trying to indicate to you that they are authentic. We sit there smiling politely and watching."

Make you think a little? It did me.

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At 1:55 AM , Blogger James said...

Um, great, except for the fact that the author has been blabbing that he's a satanist on his twitter account:


I promptly unsubscribed.


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