How to make a record for free.

We just made a record for free. No, really, for free. It doesn’t really sound like a “free” record. That’s the cool part.

We are lucky to have some really talented friends, one of which lives inside a studio. Or a studio lives in his house. Whatever. At any rate, we tracked drums there, and then we took our little computer box of files to our homes and started plugging away. Guitars at Josh’s house; vocals, more guitars, banjo and percussion at mine. After all that, we picked up our little computer box again and went back to the studio and it was mixed and then mastered.

It defies the odds: no sanitized rooms with exquisite wood paneling and bass traps (well, a couple in the studio). We just took mostly reasonable mics and stuck them in front of amps and cut loose.

You know how we did it?

We played. Just. Played.

I believe in technology; I believe in using it and abusing it for all it’s worth, bending circuits and stretching processing power (btw, it doesn’t really stretch – that’s a metaphor).

But I also believe – and this band believes – in the sheer ability and power of five people sitting down in a room together to play notes and listen to each other and capture the art that flies by. Tone comes from your fingers and your heart.


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